The Calabasas City Council voted to put the AvalonBay initiative on the March, 2020 ballot.  All of the voters of Calabasas will be able to vote on the initiative. Council members James Bozajian, Mary Sue Maurer and Alicia Weintraub voted yes. Mayor David Shapiro and Council member Fred Gaines voted no. The City provides video of Council meetings, view this meeting here: November 21st Special City Council Meeting.

EVENTS LEADING UP TO RESULTS: The Special November 21st, City Council meeting was the outcome of the October 23rd City Council meeting where the Council listened to many Citizens who asked for the matter to placed on the ballot and those who asked for them to immediately adopt the initiative. After much discussion, the Council voted to have the City staff prepare an impact report, which will hopefully answer some of their questions about traffic, emergency preparedness, and more.

At the Special meeting, the impact report was reviewed by the Council and additional public comment was allowed. View all the Planning Department documents regarding the initiative here: City Council Agenda

*** Thank you to all who wrote letters, posted on social media, wrote to the Acorn and attended the meetings. Your input and participation is an important part of the decision-making process and your dedication to your community is commended ***

What is the AvalonBay Initiative and How Will it Affect our City?

What is the initiative? AvalonBay, the corporation the runs the Avalon Apartments off Lost Hills Road, has brought their verified initiative to the City Council to build 161 more units for a total of 761 apartments at the development located between Lost Hills and Las Virgenes Roads.

What's wrong with this action? AvalonBay is bypassing city procedures for public participation in the process. What is described in the petition is what you get. There are no public hearings, no public forums and no discussion of alternatives. This results in our giving up local control.

What can we do? We must ask the City Council to vote to put the matter on the ballot, to allow the registered voters of Calabasas to have their say.

When is the meeting? Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 7:00pm at City Hall. It’s important to attend and help us show the City Council how important this matter is to the Community. Share this information with your friends, neighbors and HOA’s.

How else can you express your opinions? Write to the City Council at Put Allow the community to vote on the Avalon initiative in the subject line.


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As previously reported, on July 18th the Planning Commission voted 3-2 to deny approval of 180 condominiums and 5,800 sq. ft. of commercial/retail space for the proposed West Village at Calabasas development located at the terminus of Agoura and Las Virgenes Roads. Reasons to deny the project included the massive destruction of the hillsides zoned Open Space-Development Restricted for remediation of the ancient landslide on the south side of the property. The Planning Commission decision also included a recommendation that the developer, The New Home Company, consider EIR Alternative 4 because it did not require remediation of the landslide.

The Planning Department has informed us that The New Home Company is now exploring the feasibility of Alternative 4. The project is “On Hold” waiting for the developer to get back to the City with their decision. When that happens, it will have to be reviewed by the Planning Department to determine the next step in the process.

We are happy about less grading and leaving the ancient landslide “as is”. However, Alternative 4, as described in the EIR, is denser and includes 4-story buildings. We will be looking closely at whatever is proposed regarding density, height and impact on the environment.  Our goals are to protect the hillsides and view shed, to lessen the impact on the natural resources in the canyon, and to make sure that those of us living in the Las Virgenes Corridor will be safe in an emergency

We will let you know when we hear more.

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