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The Calabasas Coalition works to inform our community on development and redevelopment projects that will have significant impact on our community. We highlight concerns and provide information on how to express individual views within the City's review and approval process.

The voice of our community is significant! Follow the important issues here and feel free to contact us for more information.

City of Calabasas in Search of New City Manager.

The City manager plays a key role within the City and we welcome the chance to share our opinions. 

The City has put out information on the candidate they are seeking and they are conducting a survey. In our opinion, the new City Manager should understand the key issues facing our City; overdevelopment, the Developer's power over decision making in the City and Open Space encroachment by development. In fact in the City's application, they clearly state the following:

Genuine concern for preserving the quality of life presently offered to residents of Calabasas with an appreciation for the natural beauty of the area and a high regard for the importance of environment and open space to residents

Let the City know your thoughts, take the survey: Go To Survey


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Our Efforts

Bringing awareness to the preservation of our hillsides and undeveloped open space is the key factor behind many of the issues we champion for the Community.

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The Calabasas Coalition is a 100% volunteer driven community organization. We are a group of individuals with the goal of keeping our community beautiful.