Current Development Projects Time Line and Actions:

West Village at Calabasas (formerly Canyon Oaks) - PROPOSED

Location: 4790 Las Virgenes Road, at the intersection of Las Virgenes and Agoura Roads, on the same parcel of land as Canyon Oaks, which was stopped in November 2016 by the No on F ballot referendum. You’ll recall that Calabasas residents voted by an almost 2 to 1 margin to overturn the City Council’s approval of that project. Here are the actions currently in process:

Proposed Development Denied by Planning Commission

The decision to either approve or deny the West Village at Calabasas proposed development was voted on Thursday, July 18 at the Planning Commission. They voted (3-2) to deny the approval of the West Village at Calabasas proposed development. Commissioners Mueller, Kraut, and Harrison voted to deny while Commissioners Washburn and Sikand voted to approve.

The Community spoke up and voiced concerns and that was instrumental in the outcome to date. Click to Review history of project.

Rondell Oasis Hotel – 3 Story Hotel – DEVELOPMENT IN PROCESS

Location: 26300 Rondell St. (about 500 feet north of the West Village project)

June 2019 - grading has started

Montessori Daycare Center – Call for Review action – DEVELOPMENT DENIED

Location: Coco’s vacant property on Las Virgenes Road

Raznick Mixed Use – Redevelopment Project – DEVELOPMENT IN PROCESS

Location: 23480 Park Sorrento, adjacent to the massive Avanti Condominium complex