Proposed Developments:

West Village (formerly Canyon Oaks) – located at the intersection of Las Virgenes and Agoura Roads, on the same parcel of land as Canyon Oaks which was stopped in November 2016 by the No on F ballot referendum. You’ll recall that Calabasas residents voted by an almost 2 to 1 margin to overturn the City Council’s approval of that project. Here are the actions currently in process:

DEIR Comment Period NOW CLOSED Draft Environmental Impact Report comment period is now closed. Click to view the DEIR.

WHAT IS THE DEIR? The DEIR conveys information about the impacts on many environmental issues, including Aesthetics, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Geology, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Hydrology and Water Quality, Land Use and Planning, Noise and Vibration, Public Services, Traffic, Cultural Resources, and Utilities.

These are all CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) concerns that the statute requires local governments to avoid or mitigate those impacts.

Story Pole Waiver Request 

UPDATE: Developer's Insufficient Story Pole Request Denied:

The Planning Commission on 2/7/19 voted to require the West Village developer to install story poles to outline 13 of the15 proposed residential buildings and all of the commercial buildings in the proposed development. This is approximately 83% coverage vs the 44% coverage the developer had requested. This Planning Commission action provides the community the transparency it deserves for all proposed development. Thank you to all in the community who wrote to the City and attended meetings to express the concerns of the insufficient original request by the developer.

Developer's Original Request:

At the January 3rd Planning Commission meeting, the Commissioners elected to continue the matter of the West Village Story Pole Plan to a future date to allow time for the applicant to respond further.

For their newest proposal the developer The New Home Company, was requesting the Planning Commission approve their request to place less story poles than are required by the City’s policy. They wanted to place less than 50% of the story poles required which will not show the true impact of this massive over development.

We promoted and succeeded in getting the City to implement Story Pole Procedures and they must be adhered to. Story poles are placed “to help decision makers, staff, neighbors and other interested parties visualize the location and/or mass and height of a proposed building(s)”. Every development, including this one, must follow the full requirement to provide the community a true view of the project. We cannot let the developers dictate how to implement the rules.

The consensus among the Commissioners on January 3rd was that the applicant did not provide sufficient evidence in support of its request for approval of a Story Pole Plan that represents less than half of the 16 buildings (15 3-story residential and 1 1-story commercial retail).

They voted to continue the matter and the Commissioners will consider specific factors (below) in their evaluation of the developers story pole waiver request:

  • Safety, such as presence of power lines, public rights-of-way, pedestrians, access, security, and welfare concerns.
  • Stability issues, such as structure height, materials, weather, anchoring or topographic conditions.
  • Inaccurate depictions due to land modifications, grading, or other onsite conditions.
  • Impacts to trees, habitat, archeologic or biologic resources, or the need to alter land for pole placement.
  • Site constraints, such as roadway alignments, utilities, easements and fire access requirements.
  • Excessive cost for financial impact.

Recent developments defeated or approved developments in process – See Previous Actions

Montessori Daycare Center – Call for Review action – DEVELOPMENT DENIED

Location: Coco’s vacant property on Las Virgenes Road

Rondell Oasis Hotel – 3 Story Hotel – DEVELOPMENT IN PROCESS

Location: 26300 Rondell St. (about 500 feet north of the West Village project)

Raznick Mixed Use – Redevelopment Project – DEVELOPMENT IN PROCESS

Location: 23480 Park Sorrento, adjacent to the massive Avanti Condominium complex