Voicing Concerns Can Make a Difference

In response to The Acorn's article, "Calabasas Construction Accelerates", Community Resident Joe Chilco’s sent a follow up letter to The Acorn editor pointing out misleading and incorrect information on the West Village at Calabasas website created by the developer, New Home Company. Since that letter was published, some of the information has been carefully modified and now their website states:  “Today, The New Home Company is committed to respecting the decision of the voters with a new plan which follows the guidelines and upholds the standards set by the Calabasas General Plan.” These modified statements on their website regarding this oversized, environmentally destructive proposed development, still contain inaccuracies and misleading statements. In fact, obscuring the iconic views and bulldozing the open space hillsides, then converting them to manufactured slopes is in direct contradiction of those guidelines and standards. The Calabasas General Plan states the preservation of open space is the highest priority identified by Calabasas voters.
This is also currently stated on their website: “This new plan, West Village at Calabasas, is compliant with and fulfills the Calabasas General Plan vision for these 77 acres.” This statement is also misleading. It suggests compliance with the “vision” is all that’s required when in fact, it’s compliance with that General Plan that’s required. As Joe Chilco stated in his letter, “Our elected Calabasas City Council members determine compliance with the General Plan, and that determination has yet to be made.”
This is what is stated in the General Plan: “The Calabasas General Plan allows for up to 180 multi-family units and 150,000 sq. ft. of commercial  “accommodating a mix of residential, retail and office uses, with the total of creating a “village center” along Las Virgenes Rd.”  – Calabasas General Plan (sec V, pg 11).” While allowing for up to 180 units, the Calabasas General Plan also states that no development is entitled to the maximum density. The “village center” envisioned was to be more in character with The Commons. Again, this is misleading. Rather than proposing a development that fits the land, the developer seeks to alter the land to fit the development, and that’s in direct contradiction to the General Plan. This development is too large for this land parcel. 
This project will soon be presented to the Planning Commission. We encourage the Community to attend meetings and send letters voicing your opinion of opposition to this oversized development. It is still PROPOSED so now is the time to speak out. We will post meeting dates and send reminders. You can email the City at info@cityofcalabasas.com, put West Village in the subject line, to express your concern or ask questions. Are you signed up for our emails? If not, you can click here to do so today.