Raznick Mixed Use Redevelopment Project

Location: 23480 Park Sorrento, adjacent to the massive Avanti Condominium complex

At the February 14, 2018 meeting, the Calabasas City Council voted 3 to 2 to approve the redevelopment of the property next door to the Avanti development on Park Sorrento. Only City Council members James Bozajian and Mary Sue Maurer chose to vote against this project.

What’s Next

The developer, Raznick Realty Group, now has the necessary zoning change and General Plan amendment so it can demolish the existing 2-story office building and redevelop the site to build a 4-story building with 42 rental apartments for 55+ seniors plus a 1,620 sq. ft. retail building.

The State Density Bonus Laws allowed the developer an uncontestable building height and density variance, superseding the local Development Code. This was possible due to the inclusion of five low-income units.

There are now multiple 4-story buildings on Park Sorrento that exceed the Calabasas Development Code 35 ft. building height restriction. The area will continue to be at least 373 parking spaces deficient and drainage features intended to protect McCoy Creek will be easily overwhelmed in capacity, resulting in a degrading of the water quality.

City Council offered no solution to the overburdened parking situation or required a drainage system capable of preventing the typical winter storm rainfall runoff from flowing into McCoy Creek, leaving it unprotected from pollutant contamination.

Below is a link for the city’s Raznick Redevelopment project page: http://www.cityofcalabasas.com/projects/raznick-mixed-use.html


West Village at Calabasas (formerly known as Canyon Oaks)

Location: The eastern hillsides at Las Virgenes and Agoura Roads

New Home Company, the developer, continues through the city’s approval process for its West Village project. This was New Home Company’s alternate plan in the event its original Canyon Oaks was defeated at the polls in November, 2016. (It was defeated by a margin of almost 2 to 1 opposed). The project consists of 15 buildings that will total 180 multi-family units and about 6,000 square-feet of commercial space, which will include a restaurant. The West Village project has many of the same issues that we fought against with Canyon Oaks.

At 2.5 million cubic yards, proposed grading is even more massive than Canyon Oaks. For a comparison, the Paxton/Blue Marble project (virtually next door) is under 200,000 cubic yards of grading.   Instead of proposing a smaller development to avoid the ancient landslide (which would be in keeping with the city’s General Plan’s Safety Element), they still propose grading of Open Space Development-Restricted land, which is not an allowed land use in this case.

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was anticipated to be completed by January 2018 but has yet to be made available for public review. The public, as well as agencies, will have 45 days to review the DEIR and submit comments. After the review period, a Final EIR will be prepared. City staff prepare reports for the Planning Commission and City Council. At that point, the city will begin the Public Hearing process with the Planning Commission. If the Planning Commission approves the project, it will go to the City Council for final approval or denial. In keeping with CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act), the city must approve or deny the project within six months.

The pace of the process picks up once the DEIR is released. We will let you know when comments can be submitted and hearings are scheduled. Public involvement will be crucial. If you can volunteer time or services, please get in touch with us through our “Contact Us” link above.

Below is a link for the city’s West Village at Calabasas project page: http://www.cityofcalabasas.com/projects/west-village.html

Here’s a link that shows the approval process in Calabasas: http://www.cityofcalabasas.com/pdf/projects/lrg-project-approval-process.pdf


Rondell Oasis Hotel

Location: 26300 Rondell St., about 500 feet north of the proposed West Village project

In June 2017, the developer (Richard Weintraub), signed an agreement with Choice Hotels, the parent company of Cambria Hotels. Cambria will operate the 3-story hotel that was approved for the land adjacent to the 101-southbound onramp on Las Virgenes Road and Rondell Street. Choice Hotels’ website states that they expect the new Cambria Hotel to open in 2019.

Here is the link for the city’s Rondell Oasis hotel project page: http://www.cityofcalabasas.com/projects/rondell-oasis-hotel.html

Here’s a link for Choice Hotels’ announcement of their new Cambria hotel: http://media.choicehotels.com/2017-06-07-Choice-Hotels-to-Develop-New-Cambria-Property-in-Calabasas-California